Client Testimonials

Google 5 Star Review – C.F.

Joe and his team have helped me and my whole family through car accidents, he is the first person I would call in the event I needed his support.

They are quick to respond and always available. Joe went out of his way to accommodate my schedule on different occasions.

This law firm has never made me feel like a number or a paycheck! Thank you Cole and Leal for having my back and winning each case that we have brought to you!

You can do your research to find the right attorney for you, or you can rely on successful outcomes from real clients of this firm! Either way, Cole and Leal have been nothing short of excellent to work with!


Google 5 Star Review – S.S.

Having moved here from NY, I was not aware of Arizona’s extremely poor minimum state auto coverages compared to most states, until it was too late. My wife and I were rear ended on I-10 which resulted in a total auto loss and surgery from receiving physical injury, which will never totally recover from, and being the individual that caused the accident had bare coverage, my insurance coverage had to be utilized.

Joe Leal Esquire was referred to me by an acquaintance who had personal experience with him from his own auto accident.

From making the appointment with his office, and the initial consultation with Joe (as he prefers to be called), right through to the final resolve, Joe and his office personnel, Robin & Kim, always kept me informed and up to date on happenings as soon as they occurred. None of these 3 individuals at any time made me feel I was bothering them if I would inquire from time to time with additional questions, were not only professional at all times, but also appeared to genuinely care and to be “down to earth,” rare qualities nowadays, especially from a professional entity.

Sadly, there is a 2 year limitation in Arizona for auto accidents to be resolved, and dealing with the insurance companies, they did wait until the full 2 years to do so.

During this ordeal it was bleak that we would receive any financial compensation because my surgery was extremely expensive and bills amassed to over my own auto coverages, which it appeared I would have to cover and in the thousands of dollars! This hardly seemed right being we were the injured party, naturally we were greatly upset, discouraged, and worried during this whole 2 year ordeal!

By the end of the 2 years, and expecting to now be in huge medical debt,
Joe gave us a huge sigh of relief! In short, he had been fighting in our behalf from the very beginning with the auto insurance companies and Medical bills that had piled up, and the result was…we would not owe anyone, and we still received some financial compensation!

Since finding out about Arizona’s poor minimum state coverage and with Joe’s advice, I have increased our own auto coverage should something like this ever happen in the future. Having learned a hard lesson, I would encourage anyone to increase their coverage for protection from any auto mishap.

I would highly recommend Cole & Leal at Law, and have Joe and his staff represent me anytime!


Google 5 Star Review – S.Y.

Excellent Law firm that goes above and beyond for their clients.   If you are looking for a good attorney you have found it.   They are very professional and attentive to all of your questions and concerns.  They will take you step by step and explain everything throughout your whole case.


Google 5 Star Review –  J.Z.

Joe and the team took incredible care of my needs, and always kept me informed of the latest developments regarding my case. You made it easy; thank you all!


Google 5 Star Review – M.L.

I would defiently recommend Cole & Leal P. A. For your legal services. Joe Leal was very helpful and understanding from the beginning to the end of the process, his secretary and staff goes above and beyond to help you. They explain everything to you and make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the process. They are very professional, they handle all the process while keeping you informed via emails, and calls making it easy for you to continue your day to day life not having to worry about running back and forth to your attorney. They are  overall a great law team.


Google 5 Star Review – L.T.

My husband and I suffered a horrific motorcycle accident. After the accident I was mortified to find out that my insurance companies had not paid my medical bills, and the hospital was holding me accountable for payment! We called Joe Leal, set up our appointment, and Joe went to work immediately.! He was relentless with the hospital, with the insurance companies, and with the lawyers, however he was kind, honest, and patient with us and he got us what we deserved! He lifted all the burden off our shoulders and made the rest of our healing time much more relaxing. We now are healed and we will always thank Joe for everything he did for us. Also, a shout out to the ladies in the office, they are so sweet and friendly! I never walked in without seeing a smile and hearing a kind word! Thank you all for making an extremely difficult period of our lives much more bearable!


Google 5 Star Review – B.S.

They are an excellent law-firm that always makes you feel welcome every time you you step into their office. The staff always has a smile on their faces and are willing to help you. They go above and beyond to make sure that their clients are happy.


5 Golden StarsGoogle 5 Star Review – L.

Super helpful staff.